Programming S7-1200 PLC & KTP400 HMI display with Siemens TIA Portal , Factory IO

Programming S7-1200 PLC & KTP400 HMI display with Siemens TIA Portal , Factory IO



Programming Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC & KTP400 HMI display with Siemens TIA Portal & Factory IO

Video training tutorial course


Language: English

Duration:   12h

 Size :   2.94 GB

What you’ll learn


How to do programming, wiring, and Installation of S7-1200 PLC & KTP400 HMI display with Siemens TIA- Software and Factory IO to simulate the programming examples with factory IO to ensure edited programs are BUG-FREE!


This course is specifically for the people who want to kick start their training in Siemens S7-1200 PLC and KTP 400 HMI along with Siemens TIA- software for making tutorials. You will find high-quality video tutorials in the course. We are teaching programming in Ladder Logic with a touch of FBD and interfacing Siemens S7-1200 PLC with HMI to learn monitoring and control of PLC parameters.

Following is the pattern of the course:

Learning how to use the TIA Portal V16 in the simulator or real mode to create and edit a PLC programming project.

How to add the different components like PLC and HMI and DI, DO, AI, AO cards to create an Industrial graded Application Example and simulate it with Factory IO in a real 3D Dynamics environment

What are the different datatypes of the PLC and its value ranges, and how datatype is defined to the tags?

Explaining the concept and usage of the most used PLC commands by creating simple programming examples and show their simulation both with PLC hardware and TIA simulator

Compile and download the PLC programs using a real PLC trainer or simulator
paying special attention to the application of Analog I/O cards/signals by simulating the related PLC program with Factory IO software.

Who this course is for :

  Beginner PLC Programmers and Engineering Students

The following list, shows the content of each video lesson:

L1 |Introduction to Simatic S7-1200 PLC Hardware, wiring and user memory

L2 |How does the Siemens S7-1200 execute a Ladder Logic program?

L3 |Introduction to TIA portal, how to create and download programs

L4 |Introduction to TIA PORTAL virtual software. setting IP address

L5 |S7-1200 TIA Portal simulator: Ladder Language Rules

L6 |branches, networks & rungs are using TIA virtual PLC simulator

L7 |working with bit logic instructions OUT coil, NO, NC, & NOT

L8 |bit logic instructions NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR & XOR

L9 |TIA PORTAL Negative Assignment, Set, Reset output instructions

L10 |Siemens S7-1200 TIA PORTAL Set &  Reset bit field logic instructions

L11 |scan operand & RLO for a positive signal edge, set operand on the + edge

L12 |using Force and SIM tables and the Factory IO

L13 |tutorial on Factory IO sorting boxes by height using bit logic operations

L14 |Siemens S7-1200 TIA PORTAL & Factory IO tutorial sort boxes by height

L15 |How to transfer a program with a PLC Linked to the Factory IO software

L16 |Siemens TIA Portal tutorial series | Generate Pulse Timer or TP timer

L17 |How on /off delay Timers work, their timing chars,  exercises

L18 |Siemens TIA Portal tutorial series On delay timer, off delay timer

L19 |TIA Portal tutorial series On delay timer, off delay timer Factory IO exercise

L20 |Timer operations  Retentive ON delay timer, defining the parameters

L21 |TIA Porta counters (CTU,CTD) instructions +  sample program

L22 |Siemens TIA Portal: How to use counters (CTU, CTD, CTUD)

L23 |Comparator operations, Equal (==), Not Equal (<>), Greater or Equal, etc.

L24 |Math functions in TIA software, exercise in Siemens TIA Portal

L25 |DATA type, how to use cross-reference table and define a Function

L26 |Move instructions, tutorial in Siemens TIA PORTAL

L27 | Move instructions, TIA portal MOVE VALUE, MOVE BLOCK, FILL BLOCK

L28 |TIA portal PLC tutorial on with Convert, Round, scale & Norm instructions

L29 |TIA portal program control operations, Jump, Label, Switch, Return

L30 |Word logic instructions AND, OR, XOR, INV, DECODE, ENCODE, etc

L31 |Shift Right and Left (SHR), (SHL) & Rotate Right and ,etc

L32 |Analog I/O signals and modules using TIA software to program

L33 |How Analog IO signals can be used in a PLC program

L34 |Introduction to the KTP 400 HMI hardware and to link it to a PC

L35 |How to  link a PC to the Factory IO software and to an HMI

L36 |How a PLC takes commands from an HMI + practical monitoring example

L37 |how to add a switch, button, graphic I/O field on the KTP400 screen

L38 |add date/time, text, objects, and I/O field configuration on HMI screen

L39 |HMI screen designing + a project  (complete 2 tanks filling project

L40 |Defining username/password, function keys, flashing buttons

L41 |HMI Trend view, logging features, internal tags, HTML Browser

L42 |Effects of dead-Band and set point on/off controllers -PID controllers

L43 |Automatic and Manual controllers – testing PID controllers

L44 |Siemens TIA Portal HMI/ PLC tutorial on Alarms and Recipes


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