Who is the bravest person you know? What did they do?

Who is the bravest person you know? What did they do?

Who is the bravest person you know? What did they do?

The teacher told the children: “Write a paper. Who do you think the most courageous person to be is and why?” “The best answer wins”

One wrote: A diver who swims close to the sharks in an ocean without any shield for protection.

One wrote, “The ones who can sleep in graves at nights.

One wrote: Those who sleep in the forest by themselves without being scared of wild animals.

Everyone wrote something, but only this writing was the one that captured the teacher’s imagination and heart. One of the students wrote: “The bravest people are those who do not feel embarrassed to kiss their parent’s hands before they die, … Not their gravestones … !!!!”

A teardrop ran across the face of the teacher. With a whisper …Alas, I was not brave.

  1. There is nothing in this immortal world, not even our problems
  2. I love walking in the rain because nobody can see my tears
  3. The worst day of life is the day we do not laugh

Charlie Chaplin says:

After being a poor man for a long time, I go to my wealth and reputation. I’ve learned that with money … you can buy the clock, but not the time. You can buy a book but not have knowledge … You can buy medicine, but not have health, you can buy a bed, but you cannot buy a good night’s sleep.

The value of humans does not depend on their properties, it depends on their caring and principles.


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