Implementing of an Arduino based temperature controller with PID algorithm
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Implementing of an Arduino based temperature controller with PID algorithm

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Reading this text gives you an idea to either how to implement a relatively complex end year college project or give you enough hands on experience to apply for an entry level job on application of Microcontrollers with full confidence.

The role of the temperature controller is to measure the value on the thermometer, compare it to the set point and calculate the amount of time the hot water solenoid valve should remain switched on to maintain a constant temperature. How accurately we need to control the temperature will also determine the type of temperature controller we have to use.

The manual is laid into four chapters, three of which emphasize on the code and hardware of a relay can be turned on and off to control the temperature of a small water filled container using a typical ATmega8 Microcontroller. The last chapter explains how, by applying two SSR’s, the temperature of the same container with a PID control can be managed using an Arduino ATmega2560 development board.

The main control program solutions are prepared in C language using CodevisionAVR and Arduino software. In addition, the schematic of all the hardware used in these projects are available in the text.

You will find details on the creation of code for an ATmega8 Microcontroller and Arduino development board that controls a temperature process. This book has been prepared for those who are already familiar with basic instructions related to any brand of Microcontroller and may have already developed some microcontroller-based programs for different purposes.

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  • Programming S7-300 PLCS
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