The story of the queen’s bountiful breasts

The story of the queen’s bountiful breasts

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that had a queen who was beautiful, tall, and bountiful breasts.

A knight named Nick was also interested in the enchantment that emanated from the queen but he knew that the slightest contact with the queen would end in his death sentence.

One day, Nick shared this interest with his friend Horatio. Horatio was the specialist physician of the royal family. Horatio thought for a while and then told Nick that he could arrange for him to be able to fulfill his dangerous will, provided that Nick would give him 1000 gold coins for this service. Nick agreed without thinking it through.

The next day, Horatio made some of the powder that created itching and arranged for it to be poured on the Queen when she was bathing. Not long after the queen was dressed, the itching began and intensified.

The queen was impatient with her itching and started screaming, the king inevitably summoned Horatio to the kingdom court.

The doctor told the king and the queen that the medicine for this pain and itching only exists in the saliva of some people and this saliva should not be subjected to the air, so it should be applied straight to the area directly from the mouth of the person for four hours.

“Do you know anyone in this regard?” said the king, feeling tired and angry at the queen’s shouts.

After a little thought, Horatio said, “Yes, sir, the only one I know of with this ability is Nick the knight.” The king ordered immediately that Nick was summoned to him. It was here that Horatio gave Nick the antidote to keep in his mouth.

In the next four hours, Nick was seamlessly busy with administering the antidote to the Queen’s bosom and they eventually stopped itching, much to her pleasure. Nick came out of the palace very happy and satisfied whilst being praised as a national hero as well.

When Nick returned, Horatio asked for 1,000 coins. Nick, whose wish came true and smugly knowing that Horatio dared not report the real story to the king, refused to pay the debt.

The next day, Horatio poured some of the same powder into King’s shorts to take revenge on Nick the Knight.

The king ordered immediately that Nick be summoned to him, he lay down on the bed waiting for Nick to come down and give him some relief from the pain!!

The moral of the story:

When you ask for help from others and receive it, do not forget the favor and payback as you have promised otherwise, you may have to bend on your knee and ask for forgiveness


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