Solid State Relays, Bta16 TRIAC, MOC3063 optocoupler

Solid State Relays, Bta16 TRIAC, MOC3063 optocoupler

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Solid State Relays

Product description
Typical Features:
Model number: SSR-40DA
Theory: Solid State Relay
Input: 3-32 V DC
Output: 24-380 V AC
Rated operating frequency: 50 / 60Hz
1. Triac output, zero voltage open, zero off
2. Optical isolation between the input circuit and output circuit
3. Inputs-between the output isolation voltage 2500 V

Solid state relays Applications:

SSR series solid state relays are widely used in automation and automation Control of petrochemical plants, food machines, packaging machines, textile machines, machine tools, plastic machines, fitness machines, entertainment possibilities, etc. Solid state relays are suitable for corrosion, moisture, dust, and other harsh environments, etc.

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