My Father’s 10 Commandments

My Father’s 10 Commandments

My father’s 10 commandments

From right before I started going to high school till the time he passed away, my father always called me by my last name, and he never used my first name, which was a sign of his respect for me. He used this uncommon technique to show that he considered me an adult, responsible for my actions. Therefore, any time I thought about doing something which he did not approve of, I didn´t do it because of all that respect I was receiving from him. He was using this psychological technique to calm me down, and to make me think twice before starting to do something wrong.

Once I started going to high school, he told me, “Son, I want to give you 10 commandments, just as Moses gave to his followers”. And I remembered those 10 commandments and have lived by them all these years. These same 10 commandments were later written on his gravestone.

His 10 commandments are as follows:

1-    Wait for good things to happen, BUT do not let that stop you from doing your best.

2-    Think things through before you take action, BUT do not delay for long.

3-    Be strong-willed, BUT do not be stubborn.

4-    Be patient, BUT do not be unconcerned.

5-    Be innocent, BUT do not be naïve.

6-    Be quick to do things, BUT do not be in a hurry.

7-    Be bold, BUT do not be arrogant.

8-    Say “yes”, BUT do not say “I promise”.

9-    Say “no”, BUT do not say “never”.

10-  Say “I will stay with you”, BUT do not say “I would die for you”.

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