Honesty Leads to Peace of Mind

Honesty Leads to Peace of Mind

Honesty Leads to Peace of Mind

A boy and girl were playing together. The little boy had a few marbles and the little girl had some candy. The boy said, “I will give you all my marbles, if you give me all your candy.” The girl accepted. The boy hid a few of his biggest and most beautiful marbles in his pocket and gave the rest of the marbles to the little girl. But the little girl did as she had promised, and gave him all the candy she had. That night the girl slept peacefully, and dreamed of happily playing with the colorful marbles all night long.

But the little boy could not sleep all night and suspected that the girl had surely hidden some of the candy somewhere and had not given it all to him. Agony and suffering belong to those who are deceitful. Peace and tranquility belong to those who are honest.


True joy does not belong to those who live with honest people; it belongs to those who are honest and have a clear conscience.

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