The story of a turtle and ducks

The story of a turtle and ducks

Once upon a time, a turtle and two ducks were swimming in the water. But of course, ducks can also fly, while turtles have to walk. These three were very close friends! One day, they all noticed that the water in the pond was drying up. The ducks decided to leave there and go somewhere with more water, but because they could not leave their friend the turtle, they found a stick and, each taking one end of the stick in their beaks, they flew to the turtle. They said, “Hold tight to the stick with your mouth, and do not say anything; don´t open your mouth no matter what happens or you’ll fall!”

Then they began to fly. Everyone on the ground who saw them high above would comment on the unusual sight they made!

One person said, “Well, we have never seen a turtle that could fly!” Another said, “How can a turtle fly without feathers?”

Finally, the turtle could not stand it anymore, he had had his fill and decided to answer everyone that was making fun of him. He opened his mouth and said, “Are you all blind, can´t you see that the ducks are carrying me!” But as soon as he opened his mouth, he fell through the air and was shattered when he hit the ground. From that day on, those who respond instead of remaining silent when someone makes a jealous comment or pokes fun are said to have a “big mouth!”



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