A Life of Regret

A Life of Regret

A Life of  Regret

Those who have curly hair wish they had straight hair.

BUT those who have straight hair feel sorry for themselves and wish they had curly hair.

Those who have never emigrated from their homeland wish to move to another country.

BUT those who have emigrated always wish to return to their homeland.

Those who sit alone in a corner of their room regret not having love in their lives.

BUT those who have someone in their lives are tired of living together and wish to get separated.

Those who want to have a baby try every kind of medical treatment to get pregnant.

BUT those who have children are always stressed out and upset with them.

Some people can´t resist any food they see and always want more.

BUT others are always on a diet and worry about gaining weight.

Those who are unemployed are willing to take any job available.

BUT those who have a steady job are unhappy at what they do.

Those who are very poor are desperate and rob others to get by.

BUT those who are wealthy become bored and depressed with their easy lives.

Having lots of wealth is all that some people wish for.

But others who have all that money can buy do not have any joy or love in their lives.

Some people only want to become famous and popular.

But those who are already famous just try to find privacy.

Those who are black wish they could be blond.

BUT those who are white wish they could be dark-skinned.

Those who live in small villages wish they lived in large cities.

BUT residents of large cities are stressed out and want to live in small villages.

Those with a life of luxury regret not being able to live like everyone else,

And always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the road.

Let’s imagine that we have a potato and an egg.

When both are boiled in water, the egg becomes hard but the potato becomes soft.

In spite of the fact that both are cooked in the same water, each of them turns out differently:

We cannot say which is better or worse. Both are different.

The conclusion is that:

You should try to be satisfied with whomever you are or with whatever you have.

Every day, thank your Creator for whatever you have and use it in the right way!

Don’t miss the joy of the things you have right now, because regret is the path to sadness.


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